Astra Steamer Evo

Durashine Technologies is committed to supplying and supporting high performance eco-responsible car care solutions that are not only sustainable  but are economically viable.

With this objective in mind we have introduced to for the first time ever in South Africa, Steam Vapour technology to wash vehicles. Steam Vapour technology uses high pressure steam vapour generated by a diesel fired boiler to deep clean vehicle exteriors as well as completely sanitise and disinfect vehicle interiors. The Steam is dispensed through high pressure steam guns. Our Steam Vapour machine is called the Astra Steamer Evo.

Quick facts and figures about Steam Vapour Technology:

  1. The system uses a maximum of 4 litres of water to wash an entire vehicle
  2. The system can be configured for 2 to 4 operators to work simultaneously
  3. It is the only car wash system in the world that can completely disinfect vehicle interiors
  4. Steam vapour can also sanitise vehicle ventilation and air conditioning systems
  5. Steam Vapour is safe on all modern vehicle interior and engine bay electronics
  6. Vehicle engines can be cleaned even while hot
  7. The Steam Vapour machine only uses 400w of 220v power and 1 litres of diesel per hour, per hose
  8. The system can be used as a mobile or fixed operation unit
  9. The machine has an onboard water reservoir as well as facilities to plug in permanent water feed
  10. The steam pressure is generated to a maximum of 10 bar
  11. Steam Vapour technology is chemical free and deep cleans vehicle surfaces

We have packaged our Steam Vapour Technology into two exciting opportunities:

  1. The Astra Steamer Evo Steam Vapour Machine - Which clients can buy and incorporate into existing car care centres, motor dealerships, service centres and auto body centres..etc
  2. click here to visit SteamSpa
    SteamSpa Franchise - We have packaged the technology into an exciting new franchise. The franchise price includes training and equipment.

Typical target markets for our Steam Vapour Technology would be:

  • Car care centres that want an alternative to traditional water pressure washer systems;
  • Valet Centres
  • To Clean and Disinfect: Homes and Offices;
  • Remove Mould from facebrick homes (coastal areas);
  • Clean and Disinfect fridges, granite, ovens, stoves;
  • Clean and Disinfect baby seats, cots, lounge suits, matresses,
  • Existing and new car wash operations;
  • Marine Applications, Boats, Jetski's, etc;
  • Fleet management companies;
  • Car rental companies;
  • Logistics companies;
  • Courier companies;
  • Mobile car wash operations;
  • etc...

Our Astra Steamer Evo is backed by a full 1 year manufactures warranty on all parts and components.

Please email us for further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it