Testimonials & FAQ

Will waterless car wash technology scratch or swirl my paintwork?

Absolutely not, Our eco-friendly product is sprayed onto the surface. Special organic polymers dissolve the dirt and grime particles on contact, lifting them from the paint surface to protect from scratching – called encapsulation of dirt and grime. Once the dirt is encapsulated within the product, we gently wipe off the residue with a microfiber cloth leaving behind a fine layer of protective wax. We then buff the surface to a shine using a second microfiber towel. The result is a beautiful shiny finish and a protective glaze making it harder for environmental fallout, acid rain, water spots and any other foreign debris to stick to it.

What products do I need to buy to wash my entire car?

  • Firstly we highly recommend you use our DURATECH Microfiber Towels. They are specially designed to both clean your car properly and scratch free as well as to last longer than most other brands of microfiber on the market.
  • You need Aquanil-X to wash the entire exterior of your car (including glass, vinyl, plastics and rubber) – you will need 2 microfiber towels to perform this step
  • You will need TireShine to clean and shine your Wheels and Tyres. For really stubborn dirt on your wheels you can use Multi-Clean. – one microfiber towel is sufficient here
  • If you wish to apply a dressing to your black trim around your car you can use TireShine– one microfiber towel is sufficient here
  • If you want a dash spray you can use TireShine – it will not make your dash greasy or cause it to crack or perish - – one microfiber towel is sufficient here
  • If you wish to really make your car shine and to protect your car from the effects of acid rain, bird dropping damage and damage from industrial fallout, then you need to apply Quick-n-Slick to the surface of your car – two microfiber towels is sufficient here (for best results first remove all bonded surface contaminants from your paintworks surface using a clay bar and Multi-Clean and a lubricant…then apply the Quick-n-Slick product for an ultra slick finish)…if you want more information on this process please email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I want to become a distributor/agent, what are the requirements?

Call or email us and we will gladly setup a meeting with you This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What do I use if I Own a Car Wash Business or Workshop?

  • DURAWASH is our commercial waterless car wash solution
  • Call us to arrange a consultation in which we will design a solution tailored to your needs

Will Steam Vapour damage my cars paint work?

  • Absolutely not, The Steam generated by the Astra Steamer Evo is commonly known as temperature safe steam. Basically the steam exits the steam gun at about 60 to 90 degrees Celsius , to damage your paint work you would require temperature in excess of 150 degrees Celsius
  • The Steam lifts the dirt from the paint work and the microfiber towels help wipe the dirt away, leaving a clean dirt free surface.
  • Steam Vapour does not need any chemicals to clean the surface of your car – its commonly known as chemical free cleaning technology

How often do I need to cash my car with your products?

You would use our products to wash your car as often as you would have washed your car previously, the only difference is that with our technology you need no water or electricity, its requires less effort and time, and best of all you get a better finish as our products not only clean but wax your car as well.

Can I use Steam Vapour on the interior of the car?

Yes you may, Steam Vapour is safe on all Classic/Modern vehicle Interiors. It is the only car care technology in the world that can disinfect a variety of vehicle interior surfaces using absolutely no chemicals, as steam has natural disinfecting and sterilising properties

Can I use Steam Vapour on my engine?

Absolutely, Steam Vapour is safe on all Classic and Modern engine bays as the hydration is very low, making is safe to use over engine electronic components.

Are your technologies Mobile?

Absolutely, all our technologies are totally mobile. A Major benefit of both Steam Vapour and Waterless car wash Technology is that you do not require any expensive infrastructure such as drainage, or chemical and grease traps because no run-off is produced – all the dirt is captured in the microfiber towels

How do I clean my microfiber towels correctly?

  • Microfiber towels should be cleaned using a light soapy solution in warm not hot water. No fabric softener should be used as this will damage the fibres of your towels
  • You can also clean you towels in a household automatic washing machine, once again take care not to use fabric softeners.
  • If you require a specialised microfiber cleaning solution please email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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