Welcome to the Future of Car Care

All car owners, whether they are enthusiasts or simply want to keep their most prized possession clean - know that cleaning your car is a time consuming, messy, and very tiring task. Trying to get the correct results consistently is also an extremely expensive and product intensive exercise. What many car owners don't consider is that traditional car wash technology is also extremely harmful to the enviroment and wastes hundreds of liters of precious water.

This prompted a global drive towards eco-friendly car care technologies and methodologies. Essentially all these technologies strive to provide car owners with equal, and in most cases better results to that of traditional technologies.

Most developed and developing nations have already started educating their citizens and industries to adopt these new eco-friendly and biodegradable technologies in an effort to promote the conservation of one of the worlds most precious resources - water. Traditional technologies are simply not sustainable with the average water usage per vehicle being between 50 and 150 litres of drinkable water, not to mention all the hazardous and non-biodegradable chemicals that are expelled during the wash process.

Eco-friendly technologies use between 250ml and 4 liters of water per car and generally give you better results, save you money and requires less physical effort to carry out.

What more can you ask for !

Lack of education by most car owners and industry participants is main reason for the lack of speedier uptake of eco-friendly technologies and methodologies.

Common myths about eco-friendly and waterless car care technologies:

  1. It is impossible to wash and wax a car without water - FALSE !
  2. Waterless car wash systems scratch the surface of your car - FALSE !
  3. Only water can remove dirt and grime - FALSE !
  4. Eco-friendly technologies are costly and difficult to use - FALSE !
  5. Traditional watered car wash technologies will never be replaced - FALSE !
  6. They contain silicone and other teflon based substances - FALSE !

How does is it all work?

There are two types of eco-friendly car care technologies:

  • Waterless biodegradable chemical technology

    This technology is based on biodegradable micro-polymer encapsulation technology that essentially uses wetting agents to wet and encapsulate dirt and grime in a anti-scratch protective layer. A microfiber cloth is used to wipe and trap dirt inside the microfiber's of the cloth thereby preventing the dirt from scratching and swirling the surface. The chemicals used generally contain a detergent and a wax that washes and waxes your car in one easy action. They do not contain any form of teflon or silicone additives that many traditional car care products contain.

    Spray on and wipe-off. Its that easy !
    Click here to view this technology in action

  • Water-friendly Steam Vapour Technology:

    This technology is totally chemical free and makes use of a steam vapour generating pressure washer that transforms water into pressurised steam vapour. The steam vapour is dispensed through a steam gun onto the surface and once again microfiber cloths are used to wipe and trap dirt inside the microfiber's of the cloth thereby preventing the dirt from scratching and swirling the surface. No chemicals are used in the wash process at all A waterless wax can then be sprayed onto the surface to wax the surface with a microfiber cloth. This system uses less than 4 litres of water to wash an entire car. It is also the only car wash technology in the world that car disinfect a variety of car interior surfaces. Research has shown that car interiors are one of the most contaminated areas that people are exposed to on a daily basis. Steam vapour technology safely cleans and disinfects car interiors without the use of any chemicals.

    Eco-friendly technologies have been tried and are continually being tested for quality and efficacy. Traditional watered car care technologies are not sustainable ! A key driver towards eco-friendly technologies is scarcity of water that is fit for human consumption and the resultant cost to treat and clean dirty water to make it fit for human consumption.

    Click here to view this technology in action


Durashine supplies the following Technologies

  1. Biodegradable waterless chemical wash and wax
  2. Steam Vapour Technology

We have packaged these technologies into three exciting opportunities:

  1. CroftgateUSA products - Licensed distributors - high performance eco-friendly chemical wash and wax products
  2. DURAWASH Car Wash Franchise - a car wash franchise that employs only waterless eco-friendly chemical wash and wax technology
  3. 0861STEAMWASH Car Wash Franchise - a car wash franchise that employs steam vapour technology to wash cars