Specialist Automotive Car Care Provider

Durashine Technologies was established in 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa as a specialist automotive care provider wanting to deliver traditional automotive care products to the industry. Having had extensive experience in the application and use of traditional automotive care products in the past, a firm understanding was derived of the rigours and the complexities of traditional ‘watered’ automotive care technologies. It is no secret that the automotive care industry consumes and expels extremely large volumes of water and toxic chemicals which are very harmful to the environment. Having studied the trends in the industry and investing significantly in technology, we at Durashine Technologies took the bold step to rebrand and revolutionise automotive care and align our business with the global movement towards eco-friendly technology and methodologies.

Key features of our eco-friendly car care technologies:

High Performance
Provides equal if not better results
Are convenient and require less effort
Cost Effective
Are cost effective and save you time as well as money
Waterless / Water Efficient
Are water efficient and / or waterless
Latest Technology
The very latest chemical and equipment cleaning technology
Products are completely biodegradable
No VOC's
Contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or other hazardous materials
No hydrocarbons
Contain no petroleum hydrocarbons

Our Franchise Brands

We specialise in delivering two high performance eco-friendly car care technologies:
Biodegradable waterless chemical wash and wax technology
Steam Vapour Technology



A car wash franchise based on high performance eco-friendly chemical wash technology.
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A car wash franchise based on steam vapour technology.
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