SteamSpa is a licensed franchise of Durashine Technologies.

SteamSpa is designed to be South Africa’s first complete mobile premium steam cleaning and valet service offering. The franchise will offer consumers the highest standards of service and value by harnessing the cleaning, sanitising, disinfecting and deodorizing properties of steam vapour technology . As South Africa’s first; consumers will enjoy SteamSpa’S ability to clean and sanitise virtually any item, surface or area in a safe and hygienic manner.

Steam Vapour technology uses high pressure steam vapour generated by a diesel fired boiler to deep clean as well as completely sanitise and disinfect surfaces. The Steam is dispensed through high pressure steam guns.

The key benefit of the offering is the mobility and convenience of the service because steam vapour technology uses very little water, produces little or zero runoff so no drainage is needed therefore the surrounding environment is not affected at all. Franchisee’s will not only be able to steam wash and valet cars but clean/disinfect/sanitise homes, offices, restaurant kitchens, planes and boats, the list of applications are truly limited only to one’s imagination.

The SteamSpa franchise only uses eco-friendly technology and methodologies, saving water and energy and having an absolute minimal impact on the environment while delivering a multitude of cleaning services

A typical MOBILE SteamSpa franchisee would target the following clientele:

  • Eco Estates;
  • Town House Complexes;
  • Cluster Homes;
  • Private Individuals;
  • Mobile Car Wash Solutions;
  • Corporate Parks;
  • Parkades & Malls;
  • Furniture;
  • Beds, Cots & Prams;
  • Carpets;
  • Rental Homes;
  • Caravans;
  • Busses;
  • Blinds;
  • Kitchens;
  • Bathrooms/Toilets;
  • Restaurants;
  • Lodges;
  • Kids Play Areas;
  • Factories.
  • etc…

Providing Mobile Services at each one of the abovementioned

The SteamSpa solution is packaged as a turnkey business and can be packaged to include a panel van in the franchise setup. Can be run as a mobile, fixed location or both.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only and may change with each setup


Franchisees are given the following:

  • Firstly, full comprehensive training
  • Professional Branded Uniforms
  • Franchisee gets 5000 flyers to advertise and activate his/her area
  • Franchisee gets business cards with built in loyalty programme
  • Franchisee gets letterhead and PowerPoint templates to promote and professionally market is/her service
  • Franchisee is support by franchise office with additional graphics and marketing needs on a request basis
  • Franchisee is entitled to schedule 4 times a year a 2 hour training session at the Durashine Premises’.
  • Franchisee will be part of a forum to learn from our franchisees how to be successful


If you are a energetic (go-getter attitude) entrepreneur that has a finesse for cleaning or cleanliness and you want to invest in a professionally packaged (turn-key) mobile business than SteamSpa is perfectly suited for you.

The Prospective franchisee that is looking for an affordable franchise that he/she can scale upwards and possibly elop his/her own brand/style and offering in quality focused mobile service industry.

If you have an affinity for delivering good quality service to clients and customers and your vision to strive for excellence than SteamSpa provides the framework on which you can launch your business

SteamSpa Franchise – Entrepreneurs who wish to setup a mobile car wash operation using the latest high-tech eco-friendly technology would be the typical market for this solution.


The total cost for a mobile SteamSpa franchise starts from R217 210.39 incl. VAT.
The SteamSpa model can be customised and equiped to meet the clients service offering requirements.

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