Our world has changed affecting everything we do and how we do things. What’s most important is protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our customers. Personal spaces, workspaces and public areas are the new focus areas in addition to personal hygiene of masks, gloves and sanitisers. By this we mean, instilling confidence in our fellow South Africans by harnessing Certified Chemical and Dispensing Technology.

ULV Electrostatic Micro Fogging is the new standard in addition to cleaning, because of its ability to very quickly  make any space safer with a far higher efficacy and lower cost than that of any traditional method available.

We, Optimal Fog Solutions, are a division of Durashine Technologies,  and we specialise in the supply and delivery of a comprehensive end-to-end ULV Electrostatic Micro Fogging sanitisation and disinfection solution for any given environment or application.

What does our ULV Electrostatic Micro Fogging do ?
Simply,  it is the process of spraying electrostatic ionised particles in extremely small chemical droplets allowing them to “stick to a surface” and kill germs and viruses.

With the relaxation of our Governments Lock Down Regulations all companies/organisations/service providers and other institutions need to comply with post lockdown work space readiness regulations.

It is our moral and legal obligation to keep our places safer for a long time to come.

The Optimal Fog Solution will help you achieve work space readiness through the use of a Certified Packaged Solution of ULV Electrostatic Micro Fogging in conjunction with Certified Chemical Disinfectants.

Full Training and Support included. The solution is cost effective, fast and safe.

SA’s BEST at killing germs & viruses

Can be used in private (home & offices) and public (restaurants, malls & public transport) spaces. ANY OCCUPIED SPACES

The Optimal Fog solution encompasses the following:
  1. Advisory and Consulting –  Services to develop a right-sized and/or packaged Sanitisation & Disinfection Solution for each client
  2. Certified Disinfecting Equipment Supply –  (Multiple options available) (CE Certified)
  3. Certified Chemical Disinfectant Supply –  (Multiple options available) (ISO, EPA, SABS certified)
  4. Production Training/Support/Delivery/ PPE  – (OHS consultant available for Post-Lockdown Readiness Programme Implementation)
  5. After Sales Support – (Key to the success of an Sanitisation & Disinfection Programme)

Our solution helps achieve a credible measure of success through the implementation of  the above-mentioned key aspects,  which are critical (i.e. Our solution not only has Efficacy, is Certified but is also Cost Effective to implement and can be Managed Sustainably).

Our retail pricing model on the equipment is as follows:

[NB: Our Corporate Pricing Model is cheaper than retail and savings are shown at quote stage.]

Optimal Fog Equipment
Model: Retail Price (Excl Vat)
Optifog X Call for Pricing
Optifog XL Call for Pricing
Opti-fog Pro Call for Pricing
MobiFog Pro Call for Pricing
EnviroFog 1000 (P) Call for Pricing
EnviroFog 5000 (D) Call for Pricing
SANIFrame Call for Pricing
SANITunnel Call for Pricing

Chemical costing

We have a variety of chemical disinfectants that we can advise on based on application and needs.

Our base chemical offering is the safest option for a variety of surfaces and workspaces and also the most cost effective.

Optimal Fog – Disinfectant Chemical Usage Detail
Name Concentrate Retail Ex Vat Pack Size of Concentrate (Litres)
SAF R1,721 25 Litres Concentrate
Dilution Ratio

(Ready-To-Use (RTU) Litres

E.g. (RTU Cost fo 50sqm) RTU Approx usage/50sqm
Ratio 1:70 = 1750 litres R1.50 1 Litre

To start the process please contact me and we will gladly oblige with further information and/or clarity on any part of the Optimal Fog Solution.


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